What is Bitnation?

#BITNATION is a Decentralized Organization incorporated on the Bitcoin blockchain. Our International presence has been published openly in mainstream media, and providing Humanitarian Aid is just one way we extend our services globally.

As a Humanitarian Aid Project of Bitnation seeking to ease the burden of any Receiving State during this crisis, there should be no prohibition from making a donation. If you are unsure about the legalities, please consult a legal advisor or your immigration counselor for clarification.

What is the Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response (BRER)?

Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) is a Humanitarian Aid Project of Bitnation to facilitate and provide Emergency Services and Humanitarian Aid to refugees during the European Refugee Crisis of September 2015.

What is the Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC)?

It’s a debit VISA card which enables you through the Bitcoin technology (currency) to load your card electronically, and use it as a normal VISA card in ATM’s, shops, restaurants, etc, but without having to open a bank account.

What is the Blockchain Emergency ID (BE-ID)?

The Blockchain Emergency ID is a rudimentary emergency ID, based on the blockchain technology, for people who cannot obtain other documents of identification. The use is to cryptographically prove your existence, and family relations, recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, a distributed public ledger (like an international public notary, of sort).

It works through a mini ‘web-of-trust’ where family members have to verify being each others family members through private/ public key cryptography.

It’s always useful to prove your identity, but it’s specifically crucial if you are trying to reunite with family members like parents or children who’ve been displaced in other countries.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a payment network and a digital currency. It’s decentralized, peer-2-peer, cryptographically secure, and not controlled by any government or banks.

Why Bitcoin?

Unlike a Bank, you do not need an identity card, an address, or anything else to set up a Bitcoin wallet. It’s instant, free, and anonymous.

Can I use my Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC) to get cash?

Yes, just like a normal VISA card, you can use it to withdraw cash in ATMs.

Can I use my Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC) in transactions between other Bitcoin users?

Yes, but you don’t need to use your Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC) for that. Online Bitcoin transactions can be made directly via your mobile wallet on your smartphone is enough.

How do I charge my Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC) with Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin at local Bitcoin meetups or you can have people send Bitcoins to you (sending Bitcoins electronically is nearly instant and free, much easier than, for instance, Western Union). You transfer them online, through a free application (called online wallet), which is instant.

Is it legal to donate, distribute or help refugees obtain Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC) in my country?

The Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC)are legal and usable in all EU jurisdictions.

However, be aware that Bitcoin is an emerging technology, and usage may not always be 100% flawless everywhere, in some machines or restaurants it may not work (in the same way regular VISA cards doesn’t always work)

How do I make a Donation?

Anyone can make an immediate donation securely online. Please visit our donation page.

What address can be used to apply for Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC)?

You can use any address that the card can be sent to for you to collect. Example: churches, cafe, refugee camp, etc.

How long will it take before I receive my Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC)?

It normally takes a few days, 2-3 days, but we can’t guarantee the time, considering the scale of the efforts. Administrative backlogs are likely, so expect up to two weeks.

Do I need to pay for my Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards (BVDC)? Are there fees on the account? How long is it valid? Are there transaction fees when withdrawing GBP or EUR?

The VISA cards costs 12€, but we hope to cover the costs through Bitcoin donations, so all refugees needing it gets it for free. Signing up for it does not require you to pay anything.

There are some fees if you wish to withdraw cash from an ATM. You get exactly the exchange rate / amount you see on the screen, no fees are added.


Is the Bitnation Emergency ID (BE-ID) recognized by nation states?

The BE-ID does not have any official recognition, however since the blockchain is a cryptographically secured international public ledger, our ability to respond is immediate, the technology is secure, the data incorruptible, and can be easily implemented with current smartphones, unlike States and the International Community. We hope using the Blockchain in Emergency Response situations like this crisis will help show the world how Open Source innovation can change how we are able to resolve, not just respond to, Global needs. As such, as a reliable identification system it has value to the International Community, which some governments may choose to adopt or rely upon.

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